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You can rest assured that a disproportionate share LaFerrari production run headed to the United Arab Emirates. Of those, two examples of which are now listed for sale in Dubai alone on Both of them are red, which is no surprise.

The first, pictured in the image gallery above, is a brand-new 2014 model for sale at the emirate's famed dealership Al Ain Class Motors. The 2014 model is listed with zero miles on the odometer, though we'd be surprised if it hadn't racked up at least a few delivery and test miles. All it will cost you is a small matter of 11,000 Emirati Dirham, which works out to a hair under $3 million at current exchange rates. GTR Motors hasn't listed how much it wants for this second example depicted in the video below. But you can bet that – even with 398 kilometers (or 247 miles) on the clock – this 2015 example will still command a significant premium over the $1.35 million the factory charged for these hybrid hypercars when they were new.

If you can scrape together the cash for either, you'll be getting arguably the ultimate Ferrari road car to date, packing a 6.3-liter V12 hybrid powertrain good for 950 horsepower and a 2.5-second 0-60 time. The factory in Maranello only built 499 of them, so finding one – let alone two – up for grabs is a bit of a rarity. Of course if this particular Prancing Horse isn't your cup of tea, there's plenty of other enticing machinery on offer, including a McLaren P1, Koenigsegg CCX, three Porsche 918 Spyders, and a handful of Bugatti Veyrons.

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