One of the challenges in designing a Hyperloop pod is overcoming the fact that there won't be any windows, unlike in an airplane. That could result in a claustrophobic environment, especially as Hyperloop passengers will have to remain seated for the entire duration of the journey. Designworks, a BMW-owned design consultancy, has created a prototype interior for the Virgin Hyperloop One, unveiled recently in Dubai.

Virgin Hyperloop One is reportedly building the world's first functioning hyperloop transportation system in the UAE, so Dubai is a sensible place for the prototype interior's debut. Designworks says the cabin atmosphere has adjustable lighting to make the passenger space feel personalized for each traveler. In addition to using built-in digital displays for entertainment, a passenger can also adjust the temperature, including heating or cooling their seats.

Some inspiration has been taken from traditional Arabic patterns, according to Designworks, creating a combination of cultural references and futurism. "With the Virgin Hyperloop One design, we wanted to create a new visual expression for a new mode of public transportation," says Designworks' LA Studio design director, Johannes Lampela.

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