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Just a video of dogs driving Subarus

Someone was nice enough to compile Subaru's dog family ads, so take a break and smile

2020 Land Rover Defender has accessories your dog will enjoy

It doesn't surpass the Honda Element Dog Friendly Edition, but it's pretty good

Truck driver goes 2,800 miles to rescue a pit bull

"Listen, do not put him down. I'm on my way over there."

"Listen, do not put him down. I'm on my way over there."

Rover Land Rover, come on over!

JLR's Pet Pack dog-friendly accessories are coming to the U.S.

Who's a good boy? Up! Up! Good boy. Down. Good boy! Here's a treat.

Car owners in survey worry about pet safety but could do more about it

Volvo says it's a consideration that's mostly gone to the dogs

It's always fun to see a dog hanging its head out a passenger window of a passing car, its tongue trailing in the wind. But many people probably don't think about the safety implications of that unrestrained pet and what would happen if that car were to crash at high speed. That's also the topic behind a new survey of American car and pet owners from Volvo Car USA.

Subaru brings back the Barkley dogs in new TV spots

The pups were last seen helping unveil the new Ascent in L.A.

"With more than half of Subaru drivers having pets, we believe it is important to celebrate the love of pets shared by our owners."

Dog in lap is distracted driving: But ban it? That dog won't hunt

It's a stupid thing to do, but there's no law against it in most states.

It's a stupid thing to do, but there's no law against it in most states.

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Dog Parker | Autoblog Minute

Dog Parker is a housing unit for your dogs. Allowing them to be in a safe and secure area while you shop. Eliminating the need to tie them down or place them in a car.

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K9 Bus Tour from More Than Doggyssentials | Autoblog Minute

The 90 minute guided tour through London is part of More Than's mission to raise awareness for pet health and insurance.

Pack of feral dogs dismantle Turkish mechanic's Toyota

Dog bites man isn't much of a headline. Dog bites car, though? That's got some legs.

A Turkish mechanic got a nasty surprise earlier this month when he discovered that wild dogs had vandalized his car.

Dogs rescued by Good Samaritans from hot car in Metro Detroit

Two dogs are alive and looking for loving homes thanks to a pair of bystanders who refused to stand idly by while the pups sweltered in a dangerously hot car in Metro Detroit over the weekend.

West Virginia dog crashes owner's car into local Walmart

Turns out, a pair of dogs are not competent drivers.

Minnesota dog takes semi-truck on joyride

Trucking is a lonely line of work full of long, monotonous stretches of driving punctuated by fast food, cheap motels, and short stints of heavy labor. To relieve the loneliness and boredom, some truckers travel with a co-driver, others spend their time chattering away on the CB to anyone who will listen. Smart truckers though, smart truckers get a dog.

NFL player shows how hot your pet gets in the car

In a new vehicle, professional football player Tyrann Mathieu is trying to stay inside a sweltering vehicle for as long as he can to help PETA illustrate the danger of heatstroke for pets.

New Tennessee law allows people to save pets from hot cars

A Tennessee law allowing people to break into cars to rescue pets left sweltering by their owners went into effect July 1st.

English Bulldog is the friendliest motorcycle passenger ever

Dogs are man's best friend, and motorcycles are a ton of fun to ride. Combine the two of them, and the result might be even better than either one alone.

Family Says Police Officer Left Their Dog To Die On Side Of Highway

Family working to make sure other pets won't suffer similar fate

A Houston family is seeking answers after a police officer left their dog to die on the side of the road this month following a traffic stop.

Sit Stay Ride documentary filmmakers need you to throw them a bone

Motorcycle sidecars are a fairly rare sight on American roads, sad as it may be. What's rarer is dogs in motorcycle sidecars. Yes, it seems that when we take our four-legged friends on the road, they're tucked safely into their cages or strapped into some convoluted doggy harness. But some intrepid motorcyclists are combining their love of the open road with their love of their dogs, and a pair of independent filmmakers are documenting the whole thing.

Dog Honks Horn While Waiting For Owner

Impatient pooch blared car horn for 15 minutes

An 18-month-old Boxer let everyone on a busy street in Dundee, Scotland know she was through with her owner's Sunday afternoon dawdling, The Courier reported.

Pit Bulls Chew Through Car

Stray dogs destroy car body trying to catch a cat

Two stray pit bulls turned one Florida woman's car into a large, expensive chew toy.

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