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Save a few thousand on your top-spec Tesla

We hope you didn't just buy a 100D Tesla.

One of the rarest of all Junkyard Gems.

Four doors, four-speed manual transmission with overdrive unit, and a turbocharged oil-burning engine driving the rear wheels. This 1983 Volvo 760GLE Turbodiesel sedan in California is now done, after 34 years.

Luxury is hiding in the desert.

The cars were likely hot weather testing in the California desert.

A supercharged NASCAR homage, now scrapped.

It has a supercharger, hood scoops, and Daytona 500 badging everywhere, but this 130,000-mile Pontiac now resides in a San Francisco Bay Area car graveyard.

Expect special promotions like this with other automakers in the future

Expect deals like this with other automakers in the future, Costco says

It was developed with Cyan Racing, Polestar's WTCC partner.

There were some great cars borne during the malaise of the 1970s. Cars any car enthusiast would give a limb to own. These 11 are some of the greatest. 

One of the Chargers from the movie also sold

A lot of money, but it is a special car.

It will make its debut in China.

More details to come after the official reveal.

Dieselgate investigators stumble upon this

Dieselgate investigators stumble upon this.

We share the winners of the Strategic Vision Total Quality Award mainstream segments. These segments include cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers.

This leads to oil loss, and oil loss leads to bad things

Consider not driving your Hellcat for a while.

Stabbed and bleeding man escapes as kidnappers try to shut the lid.

Stabbed and bleeding man escapes as kidnappers try to shut the lid.

A rare 5000 from the post-unintended acceleration era.

Known as the Audi 100 outside of the United States, the 5000 sold pretty well — until 1986. Here's one of the 1987 models that sold, even after the "60 Minutes" report that doomed the model, found in a San Francisco Bay Area wrecking yard.

Fisker is also planning a more affordable EV for 2020.

Especially the Model 3.

Saving profiles in the cloud is convenient if a car has multiple drivers.

There's also 50 First Edition models coming to America.

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