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Owners say Tesla is holding them to unintentional (and non-refundable) in-app purchases

Tesla owners say they've spent thousands on non-refundable upgrades with what amounts to a butt-dial

UPDATE: A Ferris Bueller replica Ferrari is headed to auction this week

This may be a Faux-rari, but it's going to sell for real money

Bronco, Yukon, Hummer and a CES recap | Autoblog Podcast #610

Plus Mini JCW Clubman, Camry Hybrid, Subaru Forester and Volvo S60 PHEV

Plus Mini JCW Clubman, Camry Hybrid, Subaru Forester and Volvo S60 PHEV

Critical catalytic converter metal shortages send prices soaring

"There's no metal," said a trader in London.

A long-term supply deficit has led prices of the metal, used mainly in engine exhausts to curb harmful emissions, to double over the last year. In the futures market, prices of metal for near-term delivery have also moved sharply above those for later-dated contracts - a situation known as backwardation, which also indicates buyers fear a lack of ready supply. Before this rally began, palladium prices had never exceeded $1,100.

Michael Bloomberg would require all new cars to be EVs by 2035

Goals for vehicles and buildings are less ambitious than some

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg would push for all new cars to be electric by 2035 and new buildings to produce zero carbon emissions by 2025 as part of clean energy plans he released this week. Bloomberg's latest climate plans build off his December plan to cut the United States' carbon emissions by 50% by 2030. Bloomberg's plans do not include total costs or specifics on how they would be paid for, details his campaign advisers say they will share later.

Mazda CX-5 diesels get discounts up to $10,000 off MSRP

At nearly a quarter off the original price, it's not a bad buy

Audi competitively prices plug-in hybrid variants of Q5, A8

The Q5 TFSI e undercuts the SQ5 after incentives

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