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'Need For Speed: Heat' is fun and very fast

It’s not perfect, but fans of the genre should be pleased

'Need for Speed: Heat' first impressions

A bit of a mixed bag so far, but we're excited to see more

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Playing games and picking favorites

We loving racing and we love gaming. So we spent hours playing the top mobile racing games of 2019. Here are our findings.

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Favorite game? Of all time? This is going to be interesting

It's not easy to choose a favorite game of all time. Some of our picks involve lots of driving, but some have nothing to do with cars at all.

Our favorite driving games of 2019

Covering everything from the fanciful to the realistic

We asked our editors for their favorite driving games of 2019. Here are the winners.

Esports transformed sports, next it’s going to revolutionize motorsports

Can’t afford to race IRL? There’s an esport racing series for you

How to start your own game stream

Everybody and their grandma wants to be a streamer. We’ll show you how to get started

Driving and racing games that defined the segment

Pole Position captured the imaginations of arcade-goers way back in 1982

Briton crowned World's Fastest Gamer, wins IRL racing career

He'll have a year as a professional driver with a GT sports car team