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'Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown' announced as third installment in racing video game series

The game's publisher also has a motorcycle racing game on the way

Video game publisher Nacon hosted a virtual press conference to reveal some of its upcoming titles, and one of them revives a series that has always shown lots of promise: "Test Drive Unlimited." Not only that, but it has a motorcycle racing simulation game on the way. However, neither title came with many details as they're each a ways out from release.

"Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown" is certainly the biggest news, as it will be the third in a series that last had a release in 2011. The teaser trailer doesn't reveal much except close-ups of candy-colored supercars and a well-dressed human. Past installments of the game have focused on living the lifestyle of the super rich, racing supercars, buying luxury properties to store them, dressing up in designer fashions and exploring exotic locales. The first "Test Drive Unlimited" took place in a nearly 1:1 re-creation of Oahu, and the second added the island of Ibiza. They were fun fantasy simulators that sweated little details, which is why we wanted to see the series make a return someday. According to Nacon and game developer KT Racing, a part of Kylotonn, this installment will again have a real-life location, and it will again be an island. We're also excited to see that KT Racing is involved, since they've done an admirable job with the "WRC" rally racing game series. Past "Test Drive" games developed by Eden Games and published by Atari had some strange driving physics.

The other game being announced is "RiMS Racing," which is a motorcycle racing sim. Very little was revealed about the title other than it having realistic physics, licensed bikes and famous roads and race tracks. RaceWard Studio is developing the game, and they don't seem to have any titles to their name yet besides this new one. Apparently it will be built using a game engine created by aforementioned KT Racing, which besides "WRC" also developed "Tourist Trophy: Isle of Man" and that game's direct sequel.

We'll have awhile to wait for each of these racing games. "RiMS Racing" is slated for next summer, and "Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown" is early enough in development that it doesn't have a release date at all.

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