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This forklift folds up to fit neatly in a box

And it can still lift up to 4,630 lbs

A foldable forklift. BM 214 by Palfinger is a collapsible forklift that fits neatly in a box. The remote-controlled forklift has a lifting capacity of 4,630 lbs. It’s powered by a diesel engine. BM 214 can extend to reach over 9 feet. When collapsed the compact forklift can be stored under the truck. This helps create a good center of gravity for the carrier vehicle. The BM 214 can be ready to operate in just 30 seconds. BM 214 by Palfinger is a compact and foldable remote-control forklift. I

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This CO2 inflator can top off your bike tires in seconds

The tool is just under $20

Inflate your flat bike tire in seconds. The CO2 Inflator is a compact tool that can help you out in a pinch. It uses CO2 cartridges to fully inflate a flat tire in just seconds. The aluminium alloy valve takes a 16-gram thread CO2 cartridge. CO2 gas will dissipate from rubber over time so this tool is best used as an emergency solution. Deflate the CO2 from your tires than re-inflate with air when possible. The quick and easy CO2 Inflator is currently $19.98. The CO2 Inflator from Pro Bike T

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This gadget lets you stop a moving car like Spider-Man

Each strand of the net can hold up to 1,200 lbs of force

Spiderman-like net stops speeding cars. ArrestNet by Pacsci EMC is a vehicle arresting system. Designed for applications like high-speed pursuits. The non-lethal vehicle system deploys in 3 seconds via remote control. When a speeding vehicle runs over ArrestNet spikes penetrate the tires. This triggers the net to deploy and wrap around the tires and stopping a dangerous situation without the use of lethal force. Each strand of the net can hold up to 1,200 lbs of force. ArrestNet by PacSci EMC

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NASA’s climbing robot will look for life on other planets

Don't be creeped out by its 16 "fingers"

NASA's climbing robot. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory is developing a climbing robot. LEMUR has four limbs, 16 fingers, and hundreds of tiny hooks. The bot is designed to grip and climb any surface especially cliffs and polar ice caps. Its main purpose is to find signs of life on future space missions. LEMUR’s AI can help it navigate hard to reach places without assistance. Limbed Excursion Mechanical Utility Robot (or LEMUR for short). Is part of a new generation of bots that can autonomously w

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This personal watercraft is completely portable

It's also virtually untippable

A personal, portable watercraft. The GoBoat is a portable and foldable single seat watercraft. Created by Dave Yonce and inspired by his time flying over uncharted ponds, streams, and lakes. Yonce wanted a portable watercraft for people on the go. The foldable tire-shaped boat is virtually untippable. It can be used for fishing, hunting, sightseeing, and bumper boating. The GoBoat starts at $499 but does not include a motor or battery. The GoBoat is a portable and foldable single seater wat

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This robot can build a house in 3 days

Would you live in a house built by a bot?

A robotic housebuilder. Hadrian X is an autonomous bricklaying bot created by the Australian company FBR. This autonomous bricklayer builds using 3D CAD models as a guide. Hadrian X is loaded with blocks that it organizes automatically. An internal saw cuts the bricks down to size. The blocks are then transferred through a “telescopic boom.” Hadrian X applies adhesive then precisely lays the blocks. FBR claims that Hadrian X can build a 3 bedroom 2 bath house in less than 3 days. FBR plans to ha

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This whitewater raft won't flip no matter how hard you try

It's meant for powerful rapids

An unsinkable boat. Creature Craft created an inflatable whitewater raft that won’t flip. The crafts are purposely designed to tackle big powerful rapids. With the ability to self-right when flipped. Its multiple chambers are what prevent it from sinking. The boat is made out of PVC fabric with a protective coating. Some models can be fitted with a motor. Creature craft’s whitewater crafts start at $4,995. Creature Craft developed a unique looking watercraft that’s designed for whitewater raf

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This self-balancing rideable ball can travel up to 12 miles per hour

It has a max range of 15 miles

A self-balancing rideable ball. JYROBALL is powered by a 500w electric motor and has a top speed of 12 mph. It can carry up to 220 lbs and folds into a compact 10-inch ball. JYROBALL can fully charge in less than 3 hours, and has a max range of 15 miles. JYROBALL currently retails for $899. JYROBALL is an electric rideable wheel designed for urban mobility. Powered by a 500W electric motor JYROALL has a top speed of 12 mph, and a range of 15 miles. JYROBALL retails for $899. Learn more at jyr

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Build your own robot on wheels with this awesome kit

It's only $60.00 (40% off) right now

Build your own robot on wheels. The mBot kit from Makeblock teaches how to build and program robots. This educational kit uses block-based programing. It aims to make learning about robotics and programming simple and fun. mBot has 4 expansion ports with more than 100 electronic modules, and a large variety of add-ons. mBot has 3 modes: obstacle avoidance, line-follow, and manual control. Makeblock’s mBot is currently $99.99. Makeblock has an educational robot kit called mBot that’s designed

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Transform any bike into an electric bike with this smart motor

It'll change your biking experience

Transform your manual bike into an electric bike. Rubbee X is an attachable smart motor. That touches the rear tire of a bike to provide motor assistance. The quick release technology allows you to install and detach Rubbee with one hand. When going downhill the batteries can regenerate. Giving the rider more juice to reach their destination. Rubbee has a top speed of 20 mph. When fully charged Rubbee has a range of 30 miles. Rubbee X is a kit that turns any manual bike into an electric bike

This non-slip tool mat might be the answer to your garage organization nightmares

It's flexible, sturdy, and only 40 bucks

A non-slip flexible tool mat. Grypmat is a non-magnetic non-slip tray for your tools. Designed to grip to any surface up to a 70 degree angle. The flexible tool mat is made out of industrial strength silicon-polymer. It can withstand chemical spills and temperatures over 500 degrees fahrenheit. Grypmat was created by an Air Force mechanic. Who was trying to keep his tools secure on curved surfaces. Grypmat comes in 3 sizes and start at $39.99. Created by an Air Force mechanic, Grypmat is a no

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Bartosz Ostalowski is a pro drifter who races with his feet

A motorcycle accident didn't hold him back from his dream

Professional racecar driver with no arms. Bartosz Ostalowski is a professional drifter that only use his feet. At the age of 20 Ostalowski lost his arms in a motorcycle accident. But he never gave up on his dream of a professional racing career. Ostalowski has amazing determination and skill. He competes in the Polish Drifting Championships, The European Drifting Championships, and other circuits. Professional driver Bartosz Ostalowski is the only drifter in the world that uses only his feet

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This tiny car is wheelchair compatible

It starts at $25,000

A wheelchair accessible car. Elbee is a vehicle designed for people who use wheelchairs. The smart car look-alike was designed by Pavel Hušek. Who has also designed vehicles for BMW, Audi, and Volvo. Created for urban mobility Elbee has a top speed of 50 mph. Elbee is made from aluminum and composite materials. It weighs 882 lbs. The two-seater has two engine types electric and combustion. The gas engine has a range of 62 miles, and the fully charged electric Elbee has a range of 134 miles. A re

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This device provides a smooth ride on rough roads

Every ride should be as smooth as it can be

Can your car do this? ClearMotion transforms your ride into a “motion-canceling” vehicle. The system uses software and hardware to detect roughness and improve ride quality. Four electro-hydraulic “Activalves” are attached on a vehicle’s suspension. The hardware is paired with software that sends road information to the Activalve. ClearMotion can then adjust a turbulent ride into a smooth cruise in seconds. ClearMotion uses software and actuators to mitigate road roughness. The software and h

This electric Mustang hits 60 mph in just 3.99 seconds

And it costs $365,685

Electrified 1967 Mustang Fastback. London based Charge Automotive is selling custom-built electric Mustangs. Charge specializes in developing luxury and high-performance vehicles. Their newest addition is an electric version of the 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback. The car keeps its classic look on the outside but gets a modern upgrade under the hood. With 350 kW peak power and available all-wheel-drive. It has a 0-60 mph time of 3.99 seconds and 200-miles of range. There are 499 reservations currentl

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This little bot is basically a Roomba for your lawn

Never worry about your lawn again

A Rumba for your lawn. Landroid by Worx Tools is a robotic lawn mower. The weather resistant mower is powered by a 20V battery. Monitor and remotely control Landroid via an Android app. A wire perimeter helps Landroid stay within the space you desire. Landroid is equipped with object avoidance sensors. Worx Tools claims that Landroid can “cut up to a quarter of an acre” per charge. Landroid is currently available for just under $1,000. Landroid from WORX Tools is an autonomous lawn mower that

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This clever kayak folds up for easy storage

Portability could be a problem of the past for kayakers

A foldable kayak. Uncharted Watercraft designed a portable kayak that’s easy to assemble. There are two models the Scorpion FX and Outbound GT. The Scorpion weighs 58 lbs and has a carrying capacity of 250 lbs. The Outbound can carry 500 lbs and weighs 70 lbs. These foldable kayaks start at $975. These foldable kayaks from Uncharted Watercraft are easy to assemble and even easier to transport. They unfold in seconds. Learn more at unchartedwatercraft.com

Slot car racing is getting crazy futuristic

The kit lets you use your phone to control the cars

A new form of slot car racing. Anki Overdrive is a battle racing toy that uses AI and your smartphone. The starter kit includes 2 robotic cars, 10 track pieces, and 4 car charging stations. Tracks are connected magnetically and can be linked into 8 styles. The battle bot cars race on the track using AI, and your smartphone allows you to execute commands to eliminate the competition. Unlock more weapons and special upgrades in the app. Anki Overdrive battle racing system is priced at $149.99 for

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This electric skateboard can shred off-road

And it's made of bamboo!

An electric skateboard for on- and off-road. Bamboo GTR by Evolve is a remote controlled electric skateboard. Designed for the commuter and off-road enthusiast. bamboo GTR has 2 different tire kits. The street kit is for flat roads and has a range of 31 miles and a top speed of 26 mph. The all-terrain kit gets 19 miles per charge and has a top speed of 22 mph. Bamboo is propelled by a twin brushless motor, and powered by a flexible lithium-ion battery cell creating 3,000 watts of power. Bamboo G

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This amphibious boat has “legs”

They help get the craft in and out of the water

Amphibious craft with “legs.” Sealegs is an amphibious craft fitted with hydraulic “legs” and tires. Designed to get the craft in and out of the water without the need for a trailer. Sealegs can go over sand, dirt, and gravel. When the boat is in water the legs are pulled back up. Sealegs amphibious crafts use a hydraulic tire system that’s designed to make getting in and out of the water easier. The legs are all-wheel-drive with speeds reaching 5 mph on water. Learn more at sealegsrecreation

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