Control your Audi with your Apple TV, if you want to

Not to dash your hopes right up top, but this isn't a way to remotely drive an R8 from the comfort of your living room, or even summon it from the garage. Also, you'll need the new fourth-generation Apple TV (and a real TV hooked up to it) as well as a 2017 A4 or Q7. What Audi is offering is basically a version of the Audi MMI connect app distilled for the streaming media box.

Things you can do include locking and unlocking the car, setting it to heat up or cool down before you hop in, and viewing the status of the car. (No screenshot was available from Audi, so you're looking at the iPhone version of the app up top. Just imagine it larger and more horizontal.)

Who's it for? People who have the latest Apple TV, a new Audi, and would rather control the latter with the former on a big screen than a smartphone. In other words, we're not sure. We do wager that there's a decent amount of overlap between Audi drivers and tech early adopters, so someone will get excited by this. And since the new Apple TV is based on iOS, it probably wasn't too tough to port the iPhone version of the app over.

Like a lot of what we're seeing at CES this week, this is likely a small step in the direction of increasing connectivity between all of the digital stuff in our lives and our cars. We'll get more excited when the family flatscreen turns into a live window of what your car is looking at. But also terrified.

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