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GM expands Onstar services beyond its vehicle owners to everyone

Onstar Guardian phone app will cost $15 a month

Digital car key feature is coming with Android 12

You'll be able to use your phone for all car functions

GM announces EV charging partnerships, new 'Ultium Charge 360' platform

The new platform links EVs, apps and other services to streamline charging

Want to take a road trip with Kevin Costner? Investors are betting you might

HearHere road-trip app pushes info tidbits about the surroundings

Lyft joins the 20th century with innovative embrace of the telephone

Users can now call to get a ride. You know, like a taxi

Apple Maps introduces user-based road hazard reporting, including speed traps

It works just like Waze, but integrates Siri for voice reporting, too

Alexa’s Auto Mode turns your phone into a ‘driver-friendly’ display

It'll have large touch targets and easy-to-read visuals

Amazon believes Auto Mode will make it safer and easier to user your phone in the car.

2021 Ram TRX will get new FCA 'Know & Go' app to educate owners about their truck

Point your phone at parts of the truck, and the app will explain them for you

Android 11 will offer wireless Android Auto features on most phones

The smartphone must be able to connect to 5GHz WiFi, though

Once Android 11 rolls out, the list of phones that can use wireless Android Auto will grow considerably. Google has updated Android Auto’s FAQ page (as spotted by 9to5Google) to add that almost all devices installed with the upcoming mobile OS will get the capability to connect to compatible in-car entertainment systems without a wire. The updated page also notes that your phone must support 5GHz WiFi for wireless connection to work.

Waze offers lane guidance in beta

One of the more popular navigation apps gets a long-requested feature

Uber tries to limit coronavirus spread by suspending shared rides

New policy in U.S., Canada could be expanded elsewhere

"Our goal is to help flatten the curve on community spread in the cities we serve," senior vice president Uber Rides and Platform Andrew Macdonald said in a statement. A spokesman said similar steps outside the U.S. and Canada would be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Regular rides and the company's food delivery platform Uber Eats remain available, but Uber said it was in contact with local authorities to adjust operations as needed.

Owners say Tesla is holding them to unintentional (and non-refundable) in-app purchases

Tesla owners say they've spent thousands on non-refundable upgrades with what amounts to a butt-dial

BMW finally makes Apple CarPlay free

BMW backs down from its paid subscription service

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