Autoblog Podcast #79

We lead off Autoblog Podcast #79 with the most important news of the week. Seriously, this rocked the car world. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are returning to the Fast and Furious franchise for F+F IV. w00t! Moving on to more important news (like anything at all), we touch on the then impending and since finished Chrysler strike. See who was right, since the 'cast was recorded Tuesday, and the strike didn't launch until Wednesday. There's been lots of auto show action, and Tokyo caught our attention this week. The Impreza STi debuted, along with a bunch of other weird concepts from Subaru, Toyota, and Honda. One that caught our eye was the Honda CR-Z. Is it an Insight replacement, a new CRX, or both? Sydney's also having an auto show, and the VW Touareg R50 showed up there, packing a house-pulling 600+ foot pounds of torque. There was also a bunch of Ford wares in Sydney, but no Falcon Orion, apparently. Dang. Wrapping up, we touch on On Star's new service for perp-operated cars, which leaves John unsettled (something to hide?). Speaking of unsettled, our final item is the official pic of the 2009 Pontiac Vibe GT. We like it, but we're sure that it will stir debate, and it doesn't get an alphanumeric designator like G3 5/8. Weird. It's a value packed 53 minutes. See you next week!
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