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Tokyo, New York Already Under Consideration For Season 4

Discussions are already underway for new Formula E races in seasons to come in locations like Hong Kong, Australia, Tokyo, and New York.


UPDATE: Uber spokesperson Katie Curran sent a statement about the company's response. It can be read below.

Not too long after Tesla stepped in to scoop up some of the engineers left behind as Ford, GM and Toyota announced shuttering production Down Under, the California-based EV company will start selling its Model S in Australia. Beginning Tuesday, December 9, sales will begin in Sydney, bringing a California-style plug-in change to the country's automotive landscape.


Thieves carried out what appears to be a movie-script-perfect robbery of a bank in Sydney, Australia late on Friday morning, using two stolen high-performance vehicles in the process.


From the files of "wouldn't it be cool if..." comes this case of mistaken vehicular identity. See, the driver of this go-kart must think that he's piloting an actual street-legal motor vehicle. That has to be the explanation as why someone would be crazy enough to take a go-kart on busy city streets. The poster of this video was on his way to Sydney, Australia's Kingsford-Smith Airport, when he spotted this very brave – or very stupid – individual. We're leaning towards the latter.

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The exorbitant amount of money required to participate in an Australian auto show has resulted in automakers demanding a cut to one show per year. The shows in Sydney and Melbourne would need to alternate years for this to happen, but the two shows are run by different groups that don't want to give up the income. Cash-strapped automakers have already begun selectively attending the two shows, with big-time brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz joining 12 other automakers that skipped out on this ye

Hybrid vehicles have already proven their worth and durability in big city taxi service in Manhattan over the past two years. By 2012 all New York city taxis will be required to have at least hybrid drive-trains. In 2006, officials in Sydney, Australia started their own hybrid taxi test to evaluate the efficacy of their use. The Toyota Prius turned out to be a fine taxi and New South Wales Transport Minister John Watkins has announced it has been approved for use as a taxi in Sydney. Presumably

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We lead off Autoblog Podcast #79 with the most important news of the week. Seriously, this rocked the car world. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are returning to the Fast and Furious franchise for F+F IV. w00t! Moving on to more important news (like anything at all), we touch on the then impending and since finished Chrysler strike. See who was right, since the 'cast was recorded Tuesday, and the strike didn't launch until Wednesday. There's been lots of auto show action, and Tokyo caught our attenti

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