Great news everyone! Your favorite dynamic duo since George Clooney and Chris O'Donnell are back to make some more movie magic. That's right, Paul "Super-Fast-and-Super-Fly (for a white-guy)" Walker and his good buddy Vin "So-Furious-It-Hurts" Diesel will be making their first appearance on-screen together since the first installment of the cinematic masterpiece The Fast and the Furious. We're sure you'll agree that the second film was ultimately a let down, if only for the fact that Sir "2-Fast-4-U" Walker reprised his role while Mr. "Not-Quite-So-Furious-Anymore" Diesel did not. Although we were able to catch Diesel's drift in the movie number tré, the absence of the drift-less Walker left this particular moviegoer wanting. Now that we know the two are back together at last, the only question left unanswered is this: how could the fourth film be any Faster or more Furiouser than the first three? Perhaps you'll join us at the theater and we can find out together.

[Source: E!]

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