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FCA, Ford idle plants due to semiconductor shortage

Nissan and Honda have both faced shortages; VW had to idle a facility in December

2021 Ford F-150 early builds reportedly sidelined for fixes

And non-union labor appears to have done the touch-up work

VW faces leadership crisis as CEO demands a vote of confidence

Herbert Diess has met with resistance 'breaking up old, encrusted structures'

Volkswagen, the world's largest vehicle maker by sales, risked a leadership crisis on Tuesday after Chief Executive Herbert Diess forced a vote of confidence in his reform efforts by asking for an early contract extension. The multi-brand car and truck maker is convening its Executive Committee to discuss Diess's demand for the contract extension, long before his current term comes to an end in 2023, three sources told Reuters on Monday. Volkswagen Chairman Hans Dieter Poetsch is seeking to av

Former UAW VP Joseph Ashton sentenced to 30 months in prison

'I cannot tell you how ashamed and remorseful I am for what I’ve done'

Detroit automakers keep their masks on to keep the factories running

'The mask is the foundation' for protecting workers and production

Higher fuel efficiency, more EVs: Automakers prepare for potential Biden win

'Climate-friendly policies and a good economy are not at loggerheads'

Fiat Chrysler will invest up to $1.5 billion to build EVs in Windsor

At least one new model on a new EV platform is coming in 2025

The auto union said FCA would invest in a state-of-the-art vehicle platform that will enable the assembly of plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles, with at least one new model in 2025. The announcement comes less than a month after Unifor said Ford Motor Co would invest C$1.95 billion ($1.46 billion) in its Oakville and Windsor plants.

Trump steel tariffs brought job losses to swing state Michigan

Higher steel prices curbed demand, stifling domestic progress

President Donald Trump promised a new dawn for the struggling U.S. steel industry in 2016, and the lure of new jobs in Midwestern states including Michigan helped him eke out a surprise election win. Four years later, Great Lakes Works - once among the state's largest steel plants - has shut down steelmaking operations and put 1,250 workers out of a job.

Former UAW President Williams pleads guilty to embezzlement

Williams apologized to the court, his family, and to union members

Ford, Unifor avoid strike, plan five electrified models

Five electrified models will be built in Ford's Ontario facility

The union representing Canadian auto workers says it has reached a tentative three-year contract deal with Ford to build five new electric vehicles at a factory near Toronto. Unifor President Jerry Dias says the deal was reached early Tuesday after an all-night bargaining session. It includes $1.95 billion Canadian ($1.46 billion) in factory investments at Ford’s three Canadian factories that employ about 5,400 workers.

Ex-UAW President Williams charged in union fund scandal

Williams faces up to 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine

The former president of the United Auto Workers, Dennis Williams, was charged in Detroit on Thursday with conspiring with other union officials to embezzle hundreds of thousands of dollars in UAW funds, U.S. prosecutors said. The charging of Williams, 67, in a document called a criminal information follows the guilty plea in June of Williams' successor Gary Jones. Williams, of Corona, California, was charged with conspiring with Jones and others to embezzle money between 2010 and September 201

Fiat Chrysler denies GM's 'preposterous' bribery allegations

FCA's lawyers say the allegations read like a script from a 'third-rate spy movie'

Allegations by General Motors that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles bribed union officials are “preposterous” and read like a script from a “third-rate spy movie,” FCA lawyers wrote in court documents filed Monday. GM, in a court motion last week, alleged that Fiat Chrysler used foreign bank accounts to bribe union officials so they would stick GM with higher labor costs.

GM cites evidence of offshore accounts, wants FCA racketeering lawsuit revived

UAW payoff scheme 'much broader and deeper than previously suspected or revealed'

Federal judge throws out GM's racketeering lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler

The victims of FCA-UAW bribery scheme 'are FCA's workers,' not GM, judge rules

A federal judge on Wednesday threw out a racketeering lawsuit General Motors Co had filed against smaller rival Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV , saying the No. 1 U.S. automaker's alleged injuries were not caused by FCA's alleged violations. GM officials said in statement they "strongly disagree" with the order by U.S. District Court Judge Paul Borman, whom the automaker had sought to have removed from the case, and would appeal. "There is more than enough evidence from th

Appeals court delays 'sensible resolution' meeting between GM, Fiat Chrysler CEOs

GM objects to trial judge who called its UAW-payoff lawsuit 'a waste of time'

Three federal appeals judges have delayed a court-ordered meeting between the CEOs of General Motors and Fiat Chrysler to try to settle a lawsuit over corruption by union leaders. U.S. District Court Judge Paul Borman last week ordered GM CEO Mary Barra and FCA CEO Mike Manley to hold the meeting before July 1.

GM seeks appeals court ruling to continue legal fight with Fiat Chrysler

A judge ordered GM's Barra and FCA's Manley to meet by July 1 to negotiate a resolution

General Motors Co on Friday asked a U.S. appeals court to allow it to continue pursuing its civil racketeering suit against rival Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV , rejecting a lower court judge's belittling of the complaint. The automaker's filing with the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals comes less than a week after U.S. District Court Judge Paul Borman called GM's suit against Fiat Chrysler a "waste of time and resources" at a time when both automakers should be focused on

FCA to skip summer shutdowns as automakers rev up U.S. assembly lines

Facilities building popular models will remain open to restock inventory

Automakers are speeding up U.S. assembly lines to meet recovering demand, increasingly confident coronavirus safety protocols are working to prevent outbreaks in their plants but wary of the challenges workers face outside. Screening workers for COVID-19 using temperature scans and questionnaires, the automakers have detected some people who reported for work despite being sick. The risk of an infection picked up outside a plant spreading along assembly lines remains a prime concern, however.

Tesla in negotiations for possible plant near Austin

Rumors suggest Tulsa, Oklahoma, is also in the running

Travis County Commissioners Court is scheduled to discuss terms of the deal on Tuesday, the paper reported, citing people with knowledge of the situation. The paper said it was unclear whether negotiations with Travis County show that Tesla has picked the Austin region as the site for the plant, which would build the company's electric pickup truck and Model Y SUV and employ thousands of people, or if the company is also negotiating with officials in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company's chief execut

More workers say Ford factories are backsliding on coronavirus safety

Workers have reached out expressing concerns at F-150 assembly plants in Missouri and Michigan

Feds could take over UAW after former union president Gary Jones pleads guilty

'I apologize to my UAW family for the betrayal of their trust'

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