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Spy Shots
2020 Porsche 911 Speedster spied with an angry driver

He didn't appear to care for having his picture taken

He didn't appear to care for having his picture taken.

Man doing doughnuts crashes newly purchased car

That was fast

A man in Riverside, Ohio, apparently didn't catch the latest Hagerty list of up-and-coming collector cars. Rather than drive his newly purchased Pontiac G8 straight home for its coronation as a garage queen with an appreciating price, he drove it straight from closing the deal to a parking lot to do some doughnuts. With his kids aboard. In the process, he knocked down a power pole, smashed up the G8 and put himself and his children in the hospital. One was younger, and one was high-school age,

Top 10 collector cars on the rise for 2019 according to Hagerty

Consulting the crystal ball to predict future classics

Classic cars come in all shapes and sizes. And, as this list of future collectibles from Hagerty proves, they can also come from pretty much any model year.

Steve McQueen barn find: Movie Trans Am surfaces after almost 40 years

Blown-up Trans Am starred in McQueen's final film

Blown-up Trans Am starred in McQueen's final film.

19 cars that are also American Gladiators

That should now include the new Jeep Gladiator pickup

From Nitro and Laser, to Viper and Sky, choosing the name for a new car and an American Gladiator seem to follow similar criteria. Here are 19 cars that share their name with competitors from the 1990s TV show.

Remember when Pontiac made a Trans Am Kammback grocery getter?

Only three prototypes were built, and one's up for auction

Only three prototypes were built, and one's up for auction

Burt Reynolds' movie re-creations fetch $379,500 in Vegas

1978 Pontiac Trans Am 'Bandit' re-creation sells for $192,500

The 1978 Pontiac Trans Am 'Bandit' re-creation fetches $192,500.

Burt Reynolds' vehicles up for auction at Barrett-Jackson

He planned to auction the set before his death earlier this month

He planned to auction the set before his death earlier this month.

Junkyard Gem: 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP

Pontiac's supercharged hot rod from the turn of the century

Pontiac's supercharged hot rod from the turn of the century.

Porsche still deciding on one or two new 911 plug-in hybrids

700-hp flagship would eclipse other models, and that's the problem

700-hp flagship would eclipse other models, and that's the problem.

Car Buying
Autoblog Classifieds finds: 1987 Pontiac Fiero GT

Remember when Pontiac built excitement?

Thirty years after General Motors stopped building it, the Pontiac Fiero might have finally emerged from the darkness. First, it was a humble commuter car that just happened to be a mid-engined coupe, then it was a re-skinnable basis for Fierorraris or other slightly strange kit cars, and then it made some Worst Cars of All Time lists due to its econobox ingredients, including its Chevy Citation suspension parts. But after a few decades, even the most mediocre car will become interesting, as mos

Junkyard Gem: 1991 Pontiac Grand Am LE with Quad 4 Engine

Complete with 180 hp and a 5-speed manual transmission

GM introduced the N-Body compact platform with the Oldsmobile Calais and Pontiac Grand Am for the 1985 model year and continued building N-based cars through 1998. Most of these cars weren't interesting from an enthusiast standpoint, but a handful rolled off the assembly line with raucous DOHC Oldsmobile Quad 4 engines and manual transmissions, and those cars were plenty of fun. Here's a 1991 Grand Am with that rare setup, photographed in a self-service yard in California's Central Valley.

Porsche Boxster Spyder to get GT3's 4.0-liter flat six?

GT3 might get a twin turbo and bequeath its naturally aspirated engine to the 718 twins

Rumors continue that the next Porsche Boxster Spyder will get the 4.0-liter flat-six from the 911 GT3, rated around 430 hp.

Emergency facelifts: 10 cars that got dramatic midcycle redesigns

The 2019 Jeep Cherokee isn't the first car to get a new look midway through its life

We list 10 cars in recent memory that got major midcycle redesigns to correct unpopular styling, including the 2019 Jeep Cherokee.

Gordon Murray, F1-driven production and .. the Pontiac Fiero

While the Fiero doesn’t have the McLaren F1 pedigree, it does share something with the supercar's designer.

Hulki Aldikacti and his team on the Pontiac Fiero created what might have been an engineering approach well ahead of its time.

Junkyard Gem: 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix Daytona 500 Edition

A supercharged NASCAR homage, now scrapped.

It has a supercharger, hood scoops, and Daytona 500 badging everywhere, but this 130,000-mile Pontiac now resides in a San Francisco Bay Area car graveyard.

8 Best Burt Reynolds Movie Cars (that aren't in Smokey and the Bandit)

Contrary to popular belief, Burt Reynolds did not drive black and gold Firebirds in all of his films.

Eight of the greatest cars Burt Reynolds has driven in movies that aren't the iconic Smokey and the Bandit.

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