More transportation alternatives, this time plucked from Kneeslider

Triazuma, Quadrazuma (click here for Autoblog coverage) and GG-Quad (here for Autoblog)? What do they all have in common, besides the sorta-funny names? These are all vehicles which are based on motorcycles, but with more than the standard two wheels. None of these machines leans, and it is clear that other major automakers and bike builders have considered the idea as well. The benefits to such a machine are good fuel economy, outstanding performance and relatively low price considering the first two points. Negatives are pretty strong ones, though. Such as needing a motorcycle license and the helmet and gear to go along with it.

Personally, I have always liked ideas such as these. If nothing else, some are innovative with two wheels in the front and one in the rear. Piaggio takes another step towards motorcycles with the leaning MP3, but it has a rather small engine for highway use. Small manufacturers have been building trikes for a very long time now, and sidecar bikes (or hacks, rigs etc.) are available from manufacturers such as Ural and Harley Davidson. Would you ever consider commuting in a vehicle such as this?

[Source: The Kneeslider]

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