Stuart has sent news of VW's "surprise" for the L.A. show – the GX3 – which was literally driven into the display area through the crowd - very cool. The crazy three-wheeled concept is actually more production ready than you would think. VW claims the GX3 could be a product as early as 2007 with a price target of around $17,000 – and it’s “car pool lane” approved in CA!

The GX3 (the ‘X’ stands for crossover-motorcycle-car) is a three-wheel “car” that features a tubular steel frame with integrated aluminum rollover structure, as well as carbon fiber body panels. The front suspension is a double-wishbone type with coilovers and the rear is an aluminum mono swingarm. The GX3 is moved by a 1.6L engine mounted transversely in the rear, which can propel the car to 60 in 5.7 seconds as well as return 46 mpg (probably not at the same time).

The design of the GX3 was apparently a hit at the show, as the designers who hail from VW’s new CA design studio received a standing ovation from the crowd of journalists. The GX3 can also be considered one of the first tangible fruits to be born from the company’s Moonraker Project.

Tons more pics and specs of the VW GX3 after the jump…

Tubular steel frame
Carbon-fiber body panels
148 in long
73 in wide
48 in high
64 in track
106 in wheelbase
Integrated aluminum rollover structure
80-liter luggage compartment behind seats
1.6-liter engine, transverse, in the rear
6 speed manual g/b
Chain drive to rear wheel

Double wishbone front susp, with coilover
Aluminum mono swingarm rear
Front tires 215/45 rear 315/30

0-60 5.7 sec
1.25g lateral acceleration!!!
125 mph top speed
46 mpg

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