I think I'm in an "Alternative Transportation" kind of mood today. That is to say, I feel like writing about alternatives to the car. We don't always need a car. In fact, as evidenced by the people that don't own one at all, we may not ever need a car. I'm not ready to make that change in my own life yet, so I won't be hypocritical and tell you to ditch yours either. But, it is not hypocritical of me to ask you to consider other options, like a motorcycle or scooter. I own one, and when possible I ride it instead of taking the car. I get over 50 mpg with it too.

One new vehicle that has my interest is the Piaggio MP3. There has been some controversy over the name, which is official here in the States now, and over the extra wheel. That's right, three wheels instead of two. I've ridden bikes with sidecars before, and still would like to own one for the extra capacity and to give my dogs and brother rides. But I'm thinking something like the MP3 would be great for my wife. She has tried two wheels before and is a bit intimidated. I know that she can do it, but the second front wheel might be just the ticket for her. Vectrix appears to own the rights to an electric version of the MP3, if you want to be extra green.

Lane splitting is not legal here in Ohio, but it is in California, and I think a few other states as well. Chime in if you know for sure. The video above shows the maneuverability of the vehicle and compares it with a standard two-wheeled four-stroke Vespa. Watch and enjoy!


[Source: Youtube and 2 Stroke Buzz]

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