More images of the KTM X-Bow released

Over the weekend, we were finally able to catch a glimpse of a computer-generated mockup of the X-Bow, KTM's track day terror. Now, a month ahead of its debut in Geneva, images of a scale mockup have been released, providing much more detail on the Ariel Atom's closest competition.

Looking over some of the close-ups, the exhaust outlet is a pretty trick component, along with the bevy of carbon fiber diffusers, exposed coilovers and that subtle, yet menacing wing. We could go on, but our salivary glands are working overtime every time we start thinking about this 1,500-pound apex assassin. March isn't coming quick enough.

Click the image above for our full gallery, or choose one of the thumbnails below.

Thanks for the tip, Helmut!
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