Quadrazuma all-asphalt monster quad

Volkswagen's recent foray into motorcycle-inspired cars with its GX-3 concept had us prowling the web for other hybrid creations, and we discovered this all-asphalt monster quad, the creation of French car and bike tuner Ludovic Lazareth. The Lazereth "Quadrazuma" is powered by a Yamaha GTS 1000 4-cylinder engine, producing 120 hp at 12,000 rpm. Considering its curb weight of 837 pounds, performance should be, well, inspiring.

The Yamaha frame is augmented with a tubular steel structure, sporting steering gear from a Renault Twingo and including two 20-liter side-mounted gas tanks. 17-inch wheels carry 205/40 front tires and 225/35s in the rear.

As ex-F1 driver and TV commentator David Hobbs is fond of saying, it would take a driver "with rather large attachments" to explore the performance envelope of this beast. Videos of the Quadrazuma can be found at the Lazareth website - in the meantime we have more pictures after the jump.

[Source: Lazareth via Marbellaguide.com]

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