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Some of what's in there is courtesy of Snap-On.

There's a selection of Snap-On tools inside.

It features some great cars including a WRX and a Challenger.

It also has an all-star cast.

Don't forget about the submarines.

The trailer also features a bit of questionable product placement.

Line lock, cooldown mode, and lots of customization.

The Red key will make an appearance, unlocking even more power and torque.

A lot of hints, but we think Dodge is sandbagging.

Long story short: lots of power and we can expect more.

The first model year for the legendary A-Body Dodge Darts.

With slant-6 power and a pushbutton-controlled automatic transmission, this 1963 Dodge Dart got the job done for more than a half-century. Now its driving days are over, and its final parking spot is in a Denver self-service wrecking yard.

Yes, even those sticky Nitto tires will do burnouts.

Don't think too much about how much replacement Nitto tires will cost for the Dodge Demon.

The movie debuts on April 14, around the same time as the car.

Also, trick computers help sort out wheel hop.

Just two good ole boys, never meaning no harm... except to a certain orange Dodge Charger. That always gets harmed.

Sure, that's a real Liberty Walk kit...

This prototype is dressed curiously.

For every action...

A proper suspension setup is key.

And some car buying advice.

We talk about the potential GM sale of Opel, plus another round of cars we've driven lately, and buying advice for spending your theoretical money.

Surprisingly, there are only nine two-door coupes on the market in America that are available for less than $30,000 new. Here's a list.

This is some serious multiplication.

There should be enough torque to bring forth another leap year.

A big rig navigating a stretch of windy Wyoming highway last week was blown over by high winds and landed on a Wyoming Highway Patrol cruiser.

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