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imagine what a human being from a world where humans evolved to survive car crashes.

Meet Graham. Graham is clearly not like other people. In fact, he's as artificial as they come.


Things escalate quickly in this Colorado run-in.


While trying to catch them all, he forgot to pay attention to the road.


An Indianapolis woman who has spent three years waiting for a kidney is reaching out to her community in the hopes that someone will be willing to help save her life.


A woman in Boston accidentally stumbled upon something unnatural lurking in the forest as she walked her dog on a nature trail.


NHTSA tweeted fake Pokemon Go images to highlight the dangers of playing while driving.

Ford commemorates its victory at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans with the black and silver 2017 Ford GT '66 Heritage Edition.

The 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT will cost $112,125 and has a 456-hp twin-turbo V8. It does without some of the GT S's features to keep costs lower by comparison.

We drove a Ferrari F355 Spider on a 5,600-mile journey. It's the last beautiful Ferrari, and you don't even know how badly you want it.

The 2017 Audi S5 doesn't look much different than its predecessor but evolves to suit the market. That means turbos, and no manual.

The McLaren P1 GTR adapted it for use exclusively on the track, but now Lanzante has put it back on the road in the form of the new P1 LM.

Extrication experts show how first responders can access a Tesla Model X's passengers after a crash.

Thanks to the Blackbird, automotive content will never be the same.

The Blackbird can adjust its length and width, and tune its electric motors to mimic the driving characteristics of any car.

Most don't look forward to a ride in a hearse, but at HearseCon in Denver, CO you'll find droves of enthusiasts who love to drive these vehicles.


The Washington Post published a story this week about the one place Saudi women can get behind the wheel – an amusement park.


Time to throw out that tennis ball on a string in the garage.

Home Zone Park Assist is another baby step on the road to autonomous cars.


"The back of the lorry passed right by her head."


An 8-month-old Louisiana girl died Wednesday when she was left in a hot car by her father. She is the 11th child to die this year so far.


A driver in England immediately regretted his decision to charge into the waters of a flooded street, becoming stranded in the process.


A tractor-trailer crashed into a school bus carrying 37 students to an end-of-year field trip in Pennsylvania this week.

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