Michigan man fined for warming up his car

A man trying to deal with the effects of a Michigan winter on his car was ticketed in his own driveway for leaving his car running, a common practice in colder parts of the country. Nick Taylor left his car running outside of his girlfriend's house on a frigid morning in Roseville, MI, last week. His car was unattended for a few minutes, and when he returned he found in a $128 ticket under his windshield wiper.

"Every person warms up their car," Nick Taylor told WDIV. "We live in Michigan!"

Taylor isn't the only person to feel irritated by the fine. WDIV reported the police station is receiving calls from residents who think the ticket is unfair as well. However, police are sticking by the ticket, saying it's dangerous to leave a car running with keys in the ignition.

"You're putting the public at risk," Roseville police Chief James Berlin said. "This is purely a public safety issue." Berlin told reporters the ticket will stand. The station noted cars using remote starter systems can be left running outside. Such systems come with fail safes to prevent thieves from stealing the car without the keys. Taylor made a Facebook post regarding the ticket, which has been shared over 6,000 times and received 5,000 comments. He has a court date scheduled for later this month.

Is warming up a car even necessary or even good for your car's health? Probably not. The best way to warm up a car is to drive it slowly for a few minutes before getting up to speed. Leaving a car to idle, especially in cold conditions, can cause premature wear on an engine. Here's our guide to keeping your car warm and functioning this winter.

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