A couple of buddies heading out to an ice fishing spot in Minnesota took advantage of the wacky spring weather to film a video of their SUVs driving on water. This viral video was filmed by Ryan Mullen as the group raced across Red Lake in Northern Minnesota.

(Warning: Video contains strong language)

While it looks terrifying, there's actually a good 30 inches of ice sitting below all of that water. Rain had melted the snow that was sitting on top of the ice, flooding the surface. The group told CBS Minnesota the water was gone the next day. The temperatures are varying so much, the Red Lake Police Department is urging drivers to only bring small, lighter craft out on to the rapidly disappearing ice.

Drivers around Great Lakes states know all about rough driving conditions. In Wisconsin last week, ice shoves blocked off a road in Pont Du Lac. Ice shoves are caused when warming water pushes ice up and out of the lake. And while Minnesota drivers slosh through heavy rains and snow in the winter they get no relief in the summer. In Minnesota, intense summer heat sometimes causes freeways to buckle, like Highway 36 did just last year.

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