We here at Autoblog love our dogs. So when we saw the Nissan X-Trail 4Dog concept, our ears perked up. Transporting a dirty dog is a huge pain, and Nissan has heard dog lovers' howls of anguish. The Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs comes with everything a family on the go with a dog could ever need.

The pup rides in comfort inside the plush, quilted cargo area, but first, Nissan provides the tools to make Rover presentable. Under the floor of the cargo area are two pullout drawers with a mini dog-grooming kit inside. There is the 360 doggy shower, which wraps around the dog without getting the operator wet. Avoid that nasty wet-dog smell by using the built-in blowdryer nozzle. There's also a directional dryer vent that blows directly into the compartment to keep pups dry and toasty.

Once the dogs are dried, they're ready to jump into the cargo area. A small ramp extends from the back to allow dogs of all size to enter comfortably. The cargo area features a spill-proof water bowl and a treat dispenser. There's also a special clip for harnesses, to keep your dog safe. If your dog is the nervous type, there is a 10-inch screen that allows him to see what the family is up to, or for the driver to check on the cargo area. The concept looks just like your average X-Trail, except for a badge that features a cute outline of three dogs.

Unfortunately, the X-Trail isn't available in the US. Even if it were, this X-Trail for dogs is only a concept, and there is no guarantee that Nissan will produce the vehicle. Which is really too bad. There are plenty of dog-loving US buyers begging for such features.

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