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Autoblog Editorial Team and Correspondents

Autoblog obsessively covers the auto industry with news, reviews, podcasts, high-quality photography and commentary about automobiles and the automotive industry.


Sharon Silke Carty

Editor-in-Chief, Autoblog ( twitter | google+ )

Sharon Silke Carty is the Editor-in-Chief for Autoblog. She has written about cars for a decade, writing for USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press and Dow Jones. She was a 2008 fellow with the Stanley Foundation, traveling to India to study economic issues in the developing world and the Indian auto industry. She also was a 2010 fellow with the East-West Center, traveling to Korea to delve into global economic issues, including visits to the Korean automakers. She does frequent media appearances, including interviews on NPR's "On The Media" and Fox Business News. Carty lives outside Ann Arbor, Mich., with her husband, Jim, and their three children.


Adam Morath

Multimedia Director ( twitter | google+ )

As Multimedia Director, Adam Morath oversees video production and strategy for Autoblog. Adam is the creator and Executive Producer of TRANSLOGIC and Executive Producer of The List – 1,001 Car Things To Do Before You Die. These award-winning original video series were the first in AOL’s history to make the jump to broadcast television. Before joining AOL in 2009, Adam created original videos and photography for Winding Road magazine. He graduated from the University of Michigan’s School of Art and Design, and is an MBA candidate at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business. He resides in metro-Detroit with his wife, Natalie.


Christopher McGraw

Associate Multimedia Producer ( twitter | google+ )

Christopher McGraw was born and raised in the Detroit area. Coming from a family of autoworkers, Christopher has always had a passion for two things: cars and filmmaking. After graduating with a degree in Film and Video Production from Grand Valley State University, he spent time traveling the country shooting videos for Ferrari, Cadillac, Lincoln, and Buick. Christopher joined AOL in 2013. As Associate Multimedia Producer, Chris has created award-winning original video content for Autoblog. When he is away from his camera, Christopher enjoys hiking, fishing, and kayaking in his home state of Michigan.


Jeremy Korzeniewski

Managing Editor ( twitter | google+ )

Jeremy Korzeniewski has been an automotive enthusiast since birth and grew up restoring classic cars. Also an avid motorcycle enthusiast, Jeremy has contributed a unique blend of insight into both the automotive and motorcycle segments on Autoblog and AutoblogGreen since joining the team in 2006.


Steven J. Ewing

Senior Editor, Test Fleet Manager ( twitter | google+ )

Steven Ewing has had a life-long love for all things automotive. In addition to having several relatives employed by various automakers, Ewing was exposed to the inner-workings of the automotive media at a young age. After getting his foot in the door as an intern at Automobile magazine, Ewing spent four years at Winding Road before joining the Autoblog team in early 2010. Steven is a proud resident of the city of Detroit, and though cars are his true passion, he also enjoys playing the drums, traveling, being hilarious (and modest), and eating brunch.


Seyth Miersma

Senior Editor ( twitter | google+ )

Raised and groomed in the art of car writing by way of the magical internet, Seyth Miersma has carved out a career in the automotive world by telling stories about great roads and great cars. With fleeting exceptions being made for a few newspapers in Texas, Miersma’s words have been rendered with ones and zeros in the digital pages of Winding Road magazine, where he began as a freelancer in 2006 and left as Editor-in-Chief in 2012. Miersma brings the experience of hundreds of car reviews and comparison tests to the Autoblog crew, as well as a love for first-wave Japanese imports, racing video games that only rarely involve stuff blowing up, and driving through the dark of a fall morning in third gear with the radio off. He is very tall (the 97th percentile-set should read Miersma’s reviews with a close eye).


Drew Phillips

Director of Photography ( twitter | google+ )

Born with an eye for lighting and composition, Drew Phillips has had a fascination for photographing cars since picking up a 35mm camera at an early age. That passion for capturing automobiles through a lens led him to move to Southern California where he earned a degree in Business Administration from Azusa Pacific University. After graduating, he became a full time freelance automotive photojournalist, earning a reputation for a clean and simple style of photography. Along with his contributions to, Drew’s work can be seen in numerous magazines, newspapers, books, and web sites from around the world.


Noah Joseph

European Editor ( google+ )

Noah Joseph came to automotive journalism after several years as a public affairs consultant. Multilingual, a multinational citizen and military reservist, he reports from the shores of the Mediterranean and from locations around the world. Noah has written for numerous print and online publications, but got his start right here back in 2006 and has always considered Autoblog his home.


Jonathon Ramsey

Associate Editor ( google+ )

No matter how many new boxes the court system, the human resource department, the college admissions office and the census come up with, we know that people are wildly ill-defined by their specs. And no matter how delightfully we atomize everything with wheels, cars – the most enjoyable ones, at least – are just as impossible-to-pin down as the humanoids who pilot them. That’s the world of transportation that interests me. Sure, it’s handy to pencil in some of the details, but we don’t drive details – we drive cars, camions, bi-, moto- and tricycles, Robins and roadsters, Gumperts and Gmunds and Goggomobils and anything with a motor and a “Go!” button. Where the spec sheets end and the high mountain road begins, that’s the story worth telling.


Dan Roth

Podcast Producer-Host ( google+ )

Dan Roth has had a lifelong fascination with automobiles and has spent many years adding greasy thumbprints to the pages of shop manuals. Dan brings his enthusiasm and media production experience to the Autoblog team, writing posts and reviews and regularly co-hosting the Autoblog Podcast.


Brandon Turkus

Associate Editor ( google+ )

A longtime automotive enthusiast, Brandon Turkus’ inauspicious beginnings in the industry (he was fired from his first car-related job at an exotic car dealer) have grown into a nearly 10-year career. During that time, he’s done everything from scheduling and delivering the same cars you see reviewed on Autoblog, to reviewing and photographing cars for Winding Road as Fleet Manager and Online Editor. Turkus is a keen amateur photographer and a fan of odd British roadsters and French hatchbacks.

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