A tongue-in-cheek PSA from an Indiana State Police trooper is making the rounds on the Internet this week. Public Information Officer John Perrine looks directly into the camera and tells viewers about an important, and increasingly overlooked, safety device.

"What if I told you there was a feature on every car that is standard, that will not only help prevent crashes but also help prevent road rage?" Perrine says. He then reaches into a nearby patrol vehicle and points to a stick on the steering column. Some drivers may have a difficult time identifying this object. Especially, it seems, drivers near my own workplace and home in the Metro Detroit area. Our gearhead readers will recognize this device, however, as a "turn signal."

"It's pretty incredible," Perrine says.

He goes on to explain how the turn signal functions, but he also warns drivers of the high cost of its use: "It may require that you put down your coffee or your cellphone or whatever you have in your hands so you can safely drive ..."

Perrine wraps up the video by reminding drivers that using turn signals isn't just a potentially life-saving and courteous thing to do, it's the law. The video has racked up almost 13 million views and 260,000 shares on Facebook, where commenters applaud Perrine's straightforward message.

"Gee, if more people used it I'd be saved from yelling assorted curses and foul language," wrote one commenter.

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