Owning a Tesla Model S isn't all Insane Mode and autonomous cruises down the freeway. There's also the real threat of being accused of kidnapping. It happened in Santa Clarita Valley over the weekend, and it's not the first time a Model S owner has been confused with a kidnapper.

Santa Clarita Valley Police responded to a possible kidnapping after a passerby saw a man loading a child into a trunk, the Signal reported. Police responded with guns blazing. They held the man in question at gunpoint, only to find out he was the own of a Model S with rear facing seats in the back.

"We're not Tesla experts," Lt. Rob Hahnlein told the Signal. Well that much is obvious. The owner went on to show the officers how the seats work. There were no charges filed. This isn't the first Tesla owner to get a visit from the local authorities. In 2015, police rolled up on another Model S owner who was caught putting kids in the trunk of his car. The cops didn't hold this owner at gunpoint, but they were just as relieved when they discovered the kids were safe in their five-point harnesses and rear-facing bucket seats.

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