This dashboard camera footage from England shows an all too common sight: a young woman just trying to get through her day forced to sit through a jerk making disgusting cat calls at her. This woman got her revenge at the end, but it doesn't change the very real threat that women and bicyclists face everyday on the road.

A motorcycle rider caught the moment of revenge on his helmet cam. The unnamed girl was minding her own business when she pulled up besides a white work van. The driver and passenger began making rude, suggestive remarks to her, and even touched her, before pulling away at the green light. A few blocks later, the girl caught up with the van and proceeded to rip the side mirror off.

Now, we don't condone road rage, or violence, or destruction of property. Before pulling away however, the motorcyclist sums up the moment nicely.

"That's exactly what you deserve, you scum!"

Women face a lot of harassment when they step out of their homes. In the United Kingdom, the End Violence Against Women Coalition found 64 percent of women across all age groups experienced some form of harassment in the last year in public places. More than a quarter of women reported unwanted sexual touching. American women face similar levels of harassment, according to a poll conducted by the organization Stop Street Harassment.

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