2013 Ford Escape

How important is the launch of the redesigned Escape to Ford? Apparently enough that Dearborn is throwing money at dealers to try and make the new model's teething problems go away, and fast.

According to The Detroit Free Press, Ford is giving dealers a $300 spiff for each recalled 2013 Ford Escape they repair for a customer, with a goal of having all 11,500 Escapes that have been recalled for potentially leaky fuel lines fixed within two weeks. The recall is a particularly serious one, as it could lead to an engine fire.

Some simple math says that Ford could pay out as much as $3.45 million in extra compensation to its dealers. Clearly the company wants to avoid the problems it had launching the original Escape in 2000, which was recalled multiple times soon after going on sale.

Ford is recommending 2013 Escapes subject to the recall not be driven until repaired, and customers are being issued loaner vehicles in the meantime, according to the report. Dealers have also been instructed to top off the tanks and wash and vacuum the vehicles they service under the recall.