Ford Escape

Don't Call It A Comeback In the music industry, a band's third album is typically make-or-break. You start with the debut album, introducing the general public to the band's polished works, then comes the sophomore record, which proves whether or not the band can keep its fan base happy...

- Reviewed by Steven J. Ewing


2015 Ford Escape
MSRP: $23,450 - $31,485
2014 Ford Escape
MSRP: $23,100 - $30,850
2013 Ford Escape
MSRP: $22,470 - $32,120
2012 Ford Escape
MSRP: $21,440 - $28,120
2011 Ford Escape
MSRP: $21,240 - $27,920
Lincoln MKC recalled because start button located too close to touchscreen [UPDATE]

Ford is adding two more recalls to its yearly tally, making it onto the 2014 ledger just under the wire. One involves moving the 2015 Lincoln MKC's push-button ignition start switch to a new location because people are pressing it by mistake. The other concerns the 2015 MKC and 2014 Ford Escape for a faulty fuel pump that could cause the crossovers to stall.
Ford recalling 850,000 cars and SUVs for airbag issues

Ford has announced a major recall of 850,000 vehicles from model years 2013 and 2014 due to a problem with the "restraints control module."
Ford Recalling 70k Escape and Mariner Hybrids for cooling issue

Ford is recalling about 70,209 examples of the 2005-2008 Ford Escape Hybrid and the 2006-2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid because the cooling pumps for their hybrid systems could fail.

For Sale

2013 Ford Escape
/ 16,523 miles / WA
2013 Ford Escape
$17,848 / 65,455 miles / WA
2008 Ford Escape
$9,988 / 122,212 miles / WA
"The Escape's brake feel is solid and linear. Pedal pressure corresponds nicely to brake force, making them easy to modulate and confidence-inspiring.
Forde Motion Picture Lab
306 Fairview Ave N Seattle, 32573 0.6 miles
Ford Graphics
1535 4th Ave S Seattle, 32598 1.5 miles
University Ford
4311 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, 32569 3.4 miles