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Tesla Model S Plaid takes top time at Nurburgring from Taycan

It's the fastest electric sedan at the track. For now.

Tesla Model S price increases yet again to $89,990

The base price has increased by $20,000 since fall

Tesla Model S Plaid edges Porsche 911 GT2 RS at Laguna Seca

And not far behind the record-holding McLaren Senna

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Tesla Model S Plaid caught fire while owner was driving, lawyer says

Calls for model to be off the road 'until we get to the bottom of this'

Tesla Model S Plaid takes first in class at Pikes Peak

Bentley came in second to a Porsche in the Time Attack class, dashing hopes of a triple crown

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Tesla's Model S Plaid lives up to the hype in testing

Despite Tesla's apparent dodginess, its new performance model seems legit

Win a Tesla: This Model S will hit 60 mph in 2.3 seconds

It can be yours, along with $20,000 cash, if you enter here

The Tesla paradox: It's the rocket, you're 'Spam in a can'

It's apparently incredible to drive, but you don't actually have to drive it? Huh?

Tesla Model S Plaid 'kick-ass' performance car revealed: 'This car crushes'

Faster than a Porsche, safer than a Volvo, Elon Musk claims — 'Deliveries begin now'

Tesla cancels the Model S Plaid+ before it ever reaches production

The regular Plaid is still on its way, says Musk

The world's most expensive Tesla is covered in gold

The Model S Plaid customized by Caviar retails for $299,999

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Consumer Reports finds Tesla Autopilot works with no one in the driver seat

Investigators are certain nobody was in the driver's seat for the recent, deadly Tesla Model S crash in Texas

Tesla Model S and Model X apparently getting touchscreen shifter

It doesn't seem to be illegal, but doesn't seem like a good idea, either

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