The inside of an F1 tire is probably a lot thinner than you think

A YouTuber cut one in half to find out

Smashing random items or cutting things in half has become quite the lucrative viewership farm on video platforms, and automotive nerds have benefitted. It's fascinating and satisfying to watch stuff like turbochargers, helmets, carbon fiber, and wheels getting obliterated and broken down. YouTuber Driver61, found by Road & Track, recently piqued our destructive interests when he took a grinder to a Formula One tire from Pirelli to see what it looks like inside.

After briefly grinding down the rubber and creating a toxic fumes hazard in his own garage, the host starts to cut into the tire at about 2:25. By 4:30, he's completely taken a chunk out, which presents the opportunity to see exactly what the layers of the tire look like. These have yellow markings, meaning they are soft tires.

Immediately obvious is just how thin the rubber actually gets. It is thickest around the edge near the wheel, which houses steel beading to keep the tire on the wheel and for strength and support. The metal tapers as it goes through the sidewall, until there is nothing left but rubber. The metal then reappears beneath the contact patch. Check out the full examination in the video above.

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