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Goodyear rolls out home tire installation service aimed at millennials

Technicians will bring tires to you and install them on the spot

Goodyear just introduced a home tire installation service called Roll by Goodyear. This service is quite the departure from the normal tire purchasing and installation process, because the tires can be trucked out and installed at your house.

On top of the luxury installation experience, Goodyear is also going to open its own showrooms in "vibrant lifestyle centers." Tire shoppers can go to these centers to peruse Goodyear rubber in a modern boutique space. (Yeah, we think that sounds like a bit much for tire-shopping, too.) Goodyear is also offering a valet service for those who buy tires, in case you didn't want them installed at your home. If you prefer, a technician will take your car from your driveway to a shop, then drop it back off with new tires.

So why is Goodyear venturing into this space for something that most people couldn't care less about? Well, the tire company thinks the service will be received favorably by millennials. For now the Washington, D.C., metro area will be the only spot this is available. Goodyear will see how the market reacts there to decide if it will be rolled out in other locations.

We can't imagine traditional tire installation centers are thrilled to see this news, especially the home installation program. There's no information on how much extra these premium services will cost you.

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