Elon Musk hints at ultra-fast Superchargers way beyond 350 kW

V3 will basically flash charge your Tesla.

If you've ever wanted your Tesla electric vehicle to charge just that much faster, you're in luck. Well, you'll be in luck at some point in the future. Elon Musk took to Twitter over Christmas to tease a new Supercharger V3, which will be able to charge a Tesla at speeds so far unheard-of in the EV space. The current Superchargers top out at 150 kW, but the updated models will be able to do more than twice that. When asked if the version three Superchargers would charge at 350 kWs, Musk Tweeted, "A mere 350 kW ... what are you referring to, a children's toy?" While no one is saying just how short a time it will take an EV to "fill up" at, say, a 500 kW Superchager, at this rate, Tesla won't need to worry about people camping out at Superchargers at all. Flash charging, indeed.

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