Outside of his Steve Jobs-ian product reveal events, Elon Musk's Twitter feed has become arguably the most important communication platform for the Tesla chief and serial entrepreneur, a window into his ambitious, audacious and often playful psyche. It's where he announced his plan to launch a SpaceX rocket carrying a Roadster into orbit around Mars, among other things, and it helps cement his brand as a man of the future.

So what to make of his claim over the weekend that he plans to put an "old school drive-in" restaurant, complete with roller skates and rock 'n'roll, on the site of one of Tesla's new Supercharger locations near Los Angeles?

Is he serious? Who knows. It strikes us as a not-half-bad idea in car-mad Los Angeles, even if it would be a weird mashup of old-meets-new (the name Tesla's Drive-In somehow feels disorienting in a time-space-continuum kind of way). But in this case, at least, Twitter definitely has risen to the task. We'll let the social network speak for itself.

And of course:

One user went so far as to mock up a design concept:

But another includes a cautionary tale:

For his part, Musk also added that the restaurant would have an outdoor screen airing a "highlight reel of the best scenes in movie history" and will have menu integration with the Tesla's touchscreen.

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