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NHTSA plans new push to convince Americans to stop speeding

Speeding should 'be as undesirable and seen as negatively as other types of bad' driving habits

Speeding tickets around the world cost from nine cents to about $1M

Whatever you do in Europe, make sure it doesn't involve speeding

Pandemic set off a deadly rise in speeding, and we're not slowing down

CHP tickets for speeding over 100 mph have nearly doubled

Street racing rises alongside speeding on pandemic's open roads

Empty roads and restless enthusiasts make a dangerous combination

100+ mph speeding tickets, traffic deaths spike nationwide: N.C. driver clocked at 187

CHP has issued 15,000 tickets at over 100 mph since the pandemic hit

Some drivers took advantage of roads and highways emptied by the coronavirus pandemic by pushing well past the speed limit, a trend that continues even as states try to get back to normal. The Iowa State Patrol recorded a 101% increase from January through August over the four-year average in tickets for speeds exceeding 100 mph, along with a 75% increase in tickets for speeds of 25 mph or more over the posted speed limit. California Highway Patrol officers issued more than 15,000 tickets from

Drivers of these cars are most likely to have speeding tickets

But remember, it's the driver that gets the ticket, not the car

These are the cars and trucks that are most likely to be owned by drivers with at least one speeding ticket on their record.

Catfight! IIHS criticizes NHTSA for losing focus on driver safety

The insurance industry-funded Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is calling out its governmental counterpart, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for distracting drivers from genuine safety concerns.

Guessing cops allowed to give speeding tickets in Ohio

Bad news, Buckeyes. The Ohio Supreme Court just ruled that a police officer needs nothing more than his or her informed guess on how fast a vehicle is traveling in order to issue a traffic citation. Yep. You can forget the radar gun, LIDAR or even the archaic pacing method. As of right now

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson flagged for going 109 mph

Minnesota Vikings All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson – or "Purple Jesus" as he's known to Vikings fans – is one of the fastest men in the NFL. Turns out, he's also one of the fastest men on a certain suburban Minnesota freeway, where police clocked him and his (model unknown) BMW going 109 mph in a 55 mph zone. Oops!

78-year old's Nissan Pulsar impounded after AU street race with Skyline

A 78-year-old Australian man with a need for speed had his car impounded after being caught racing at 170 km/h (105 mph) on a winding road east of Melbourne on New Year's Day. It seems John Belfield, the senior citizen under the spotlight, is a member of a local Nissan-Datsun sports car club. The club was holding a social run for its members on January 1, and Mr. Belfield was in attendance with his sporty Nissan Pulsar.