Radar gun grandma: Clever woman with hair dryer blows speeders away

She was made an honorary state trooper

Her favorite relatives call her Grandma, but around town, she has a more official title: Ms. Patti, Honorary Trooper. Patti Forest Baumgartner caught local and national attention recently when she posted two photos of herself to Facebook. In the post, Baumgartner is sitting near a street holding a blow dryer in hopes reckless drivers in the neighborhood would be more careful.

According to KRTV, which was linked to by AutoEvolution, Baumgartner is a resident of the Finley Point community in northwest Montana. As a grandmother who wants her grandkids to feel safe when they visit, Baumgartner was fed up with the steady stream of speeders in the area. 

"They forget to slow down, and there are lots of people that are complaining about that," she told KRTV. "They can't walk or ride their bikes. I wouldn't even attempt riding mine around." 

So, she took matters into her own hands, literally. Baumgartner placed a lawn chair by the side of the road, grabbed a refreshment for her right hand, and held up a blow dyer with her left. To people quickly driving by, the hair-care device miiiiight look like a speed gun. At least, enough to force a foot off the gas or hit the brakes. Of course, she doesn't exactly have the look of law-enforcement authority, but that's beside the point. 

Word of her proactive approach reached the office of the Montana Highway Patrol, specifically Trooper Noah Pesola. As a way of showing appreciation for her efforts, he unofficially named her an Honorary Trooper and gave her a patrol hat and sticker badge. 

There was no mention about whether Baumgartner's methods have continued to be effective, but we imagine she's made a few people think twice. Blow dryers have a history of producing results in these situations.

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