UK insurer offering policy geared toward speed camera reality

UK car enthusiasts' struggle with the kudzu-like spread of speed cameras has been well documented, but to those outside of England, the scale and scope of the issue is hard to get one's head around without experiencing it firsthand. That said, perhaps news that an auto insurer has just authored a plan specifically designed with speed cameras might give readers some sense of the scale of the issue.

Isle of Man Assurance has just begun offering LicenseGuard to its clients for a premium. The basic gist of the package is that it covers transportation costs for one year if you have your license revoked due to speeding offenses.

According to the UK's financial times, there are 8,000 cameras in use for plate recognition, and a further 6,000 dedicated speed cameras. With nearly one million motorists a single conviction away from losing their license, it's no wonder that certain offenders are seeking out accomplices that will admit to committing speeding offenses that they didn't actually commit, paying them in cash or by favor.

[Sources: The Financial Times; Art by Andy Davey]


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