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Why That Internet Price Might Not Be Real

An eBay Shopper Wins A Hyundai For $16,000 But The Dealer Isn't Happy

File this one under the dangers of mixing traditional Brick & Mortar business practices with the immediacy and transparency of the internet. Glenn Hyundai of Lexington, Kentucky placed a slightly used Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T on eBay Motors. There was no reserve, and a gencoupe.com forum member named McFly made a bid of $16,125 and won the auction. (Here's a PDF of the auction.) Not a bad pr

Chrysler is first manufacturer to replace printed owners manuals with DVDs

Chrysler will cease putting traditional owners manuals in cars starting in 2010. The beleaguered, bankrupted and now Fiat-owned automaker is instead replacing the ever-growing manuals with a basic 60-page guide plus a DVD. Chrysler is billing it as an environmentally friendly move that will also free up space in the glove box. Says Al Motta, director of service operations at Chrysler, “We're