Minnesota Vikings All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson – or "Purple Jesus" as he's known to Vikings fans – is one of the fastest men in the NFL. Turns out, he's also one of the fastest men on a certain suburban Minnesota freeway, where police clocked him and his (model unknown) BMW going 109 mph in a 55 mph zone. Oops!
For his part, Peterson claims it was just, "A little ticket" and that he was not going as fast as the cops said he was. However, Minneapolis police spokeswoman Molly Anderson said that Peterson was indeed pulled over after police recorded him going 109 mph. Anderson states that Peterson was given a citation and allowed to drive away after what she described as a "routine traffic stop." Must be nice being the savior for an entire state. Go Pack, go!

[Source: Associated Press | Image: Hannah Foslien/AP Photo]

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