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Cars most likely to get ticketed

You won't believe the car singled out by the team at Insurance.com as the most likely to get a ticket. At least, we never would have guessed.

The last time such a survey was done, the car most ticketed was the Subaru WRX. That makes some sort of sense. It's a performance car, and its various wings, splitters and loud exhaust note are sure to attract eyeballs, both of the public and of the police. This year, the WRX fell all the way to 12th.

Before we get to the results, let's explain how they were gathered. Insurance.com analyzed online quote information submitted by 323,349 drivers between January 1, 2014, and February 1, 2016 to arrive at these results. If there weren't at least 250 quotes for a specific vehicle, it was discarded.

Remember, though, that “It’s the driver that gets tickets, not the car,” according to Penny Gusner, consumer analyst for Insurance.com. “But it is interesting to see what vehicle makes and models attract drivers who are prone to traffic violations.”

Put another way, there's nothing inherent to these specific automobiles that makes them targets for tickets. It's the actions of a car's driver that causes attention from the police.

Without further ado, click on the image above to see the top-five most ticketed cars, according to Insurance.com, starting at number five.

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Number 5: Chevrolet Monte Carlo

It makes some sense to see the Chevrolet Monte Carlo on this list of cars most likely to get ticketed. Chevy's coupe is big, comfortable and was raced, in an extremely different form, in NASCAR. Are some Monte Carlo drivers fulfilling their own racing dreams?

According to Insurance.com, 31 percent of Monte Carlo drivers who requested online quotes had received tickets.

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Number 4: Volkswagen Jetta GL

Coming in at number four on the list of the cars most likely to get tickets, according to Insurance.com, is the Volkswagen Jetta sedan, specifically in GL trim.

We can't come up with a good explanation as to why the Jetta would attract tickets, other than the fact that it may often be owned by younger drivers. In any case, 31 percent of drivers who owned a Jetta and submitted an online quote had gotten tickets.

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Number 3: Dodge Charger SE/SXT

According to Insurance.com, 32 percent of Dodge Charger SE and SXT owners who submitted an online quote request had received tickets. That puts the Charger at number three on the most-ticketed cars list.

Why is the Charger SE and SXT ticketed more than much more powerful SRT versions? We have no idea. Perhaps drivers of the big Hemi-powered bruisers suspect that the law is already looking out for them. If you knew eyeballs and radar guns were pointed at you, wouldn't you slow down and stay quiet?

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Number 2: Nissan 350Z

This one isn't much of a head-scratcher. The Nissan 350Z is a two-door, two-seat sportscar, and it's quick. There's a natural tendency to speed in this type of car, and they are often sold in bright, attention-grabbing hues. After all, it's hard to blend in when you're driving a yellow sportscar.

Insurance.com reports that 33 percent of owners who submitted online quotes had gotten tickets in the 350Z.

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Number 1: Lexus ES 300

And here we come to the most-often-ticketed vehicle, according to Insurance.com. We can't fathom a solid explanation as to why 33 percent of Lexus ES 300 owners who submitted online quotes have received tickets in the entry-level luxury sedans.

It's worth noting that the ES 300 is a nameplate that has stretched across several models for many years, and is currently applied to a hybrid. Perhaps the number of tickets are spread across a wide range of ES 300 models, both new and old.

No matter the case, the Lexus ES 300 stands alone as Insurance.com's most-ticketed vehicle.

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