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2019 Mustang GT500: Forum offers clues about engine, brakes

Supercharged Predator and big, big brakes.

Supercharged Predator and big, big brakes.

US Air Force MQ-1 Predator drone lost over Syria

Syrian media is claiming the MQ-1 Predator drone was shot down yesterday, although the Air Force isn't commenting on the UAV's actual fate.

Italy to use Reaper, Predator drones for domestic monitoring

Military influence in police operations is not a phenomenon limited to the United States. A new partnership between the Italian police and the Italian Air Force will see Reaper and Predator drones, fresh from their service in Afghanistan, take to the skies over Rome and other major cities during major public demonstrations or soccer matches

RAF to deploy Reaper drones as part of anti-ISIS operations

One of the most indelible marks left by US involvement in the war-torn Middle East is the use of drones. Specifically, we're talking about the notorious Predator and Reaper, two relatively small drones that are armed to the teeth with air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles. While America's use of the drones is well known, one of its closest alli

Whistleblower suit claims Northrop faked tests of crucial GPS system

A whistleblower lawsuit is casting light on some questionable testing practices at defense contractor Northrop Grumman. According to Todd Donaldson, the Northrop employee filing the suit, the company sold GPS systems to the Department of Defense after faking a crucial part of testing.

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Making the case for more drone investment

Today, America's armed forces aren't known for its aircraft carriers, fighter jets, tanks or guns – it's known for its drones. Whether they be Predators, Reapers, Global Hawks or something that takes up slightly less headline space, the US use of drones has been the single most identifying feature of America's military in the past several years.

Vilner takes on the BMW F800R [w/video]

Vilner has taken the time to give the BMW F800R a once over to create the Predator. Built for a wealthy Russian businessman, the machine received a complete aesthetic redesign with plenty of components hewn from carbon fiber.

Killacycle battles Predator head-to-head, new record set

The weather wasn't cooperative for the EV drag racing faithful at the recent Bookman's Spring Thaw, but with the largest assemblage of top machines and drivers on hand ever, even a little rain and wind couldn't completely get in the way of some battery-powered racing awesomeness. With the action being postponed for o

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Predator electric motorcycle sets new record with RC aircraft batteries

When we saw the Predator electric drag bike last Spring, it was rockin' a pair of Toyota Prius battery packs. While it ran the quarter-mile quicker as quick as a Tesla Roadster with a time of 12.40 seconds at 94 miles an hour, its quickness wasn't quite as impressive as its Predator-themed appearance. Well, now it is.

Update to the Predator-Defiant EV3 story

If you've been wondering about the connection between the Predator EV3 and the Deviant EV3, two electric cars that look very similar and seem to be under development by the same company, we have your answer. John M, from Quest Enterprises, who originally let us know about the Predator, has sent us an email that clarifies just how the two vehicles (and the two companies, Shockwave Motors

AVPT: Aliens vs. PT Cruiser

If you saw the film AVP: Alien versus Predator, (SPOILER ahead - if you care) you know that in the end the Predators narrowly eek out a victory over the fierce, ugly and merciless Aliens. Reeling from the loss, the Aliens have now taken on their next foe: the Chrysler PT Cruiser. Shown here is a custom PT that was on display at the Moscow Motor Show recently. Rather than incubating within the stomach of a human host, this Alien appears to have b