Although it's been a pretty mild winter across most of the U.S., electric racers are planning a serious Spring Thaw celebration down in Tucson, AZ this Saturday. And by serious, we mean multiple NEDRA-record-holder serious.

Attendees can expect to see old favorites, such as John Wayland's White Zombie, along with relative newcomers like DC Plasma, the quickest door-slammin' Fiero ever, take to the quarter-mile strip. Perhaps against each other.

The action won't be limited to four-wheeled vehicles either. Perhaps the most anticipated head-to-head match-up will be that between Bill Dube's Killacycle and Jeff Disinger's Predator.

Last weekend, with team pilot Scotty Pollachek in the saddle, the Killacycle snatched the DMC/A class (drag motorcycle, less than 300 Volts) record away from Predator with a 8.159-second-at-166.66-miles-an-hour performance. Jeff has already let them known he intends to take it back. Expect a battle royale.

The action won't be limited to the track though. The event, which is being organized by NEDRA, the Tucson Clean Cities Coalition, the Pima Association of Governments and the Southwestern International Raceway, will also feature a "Green" pavilion with alternative-energy exhibits and there will be a live band to entertain.

You can get more info from the Bookman's Spring Thaw website.

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