When we saw the Predator electric drag bike last Spring, it was rockin' a pair of Toyota Prius battery packs. While it ran the quarter-mile quicker as quick as a Tesla Roadster with a time of 12.40 seconds at 94 miles an hour, its quickness wasn't quite as impressive as its Predator-themed appearance. Well, now it is.

Last week, packing a battery made of FlightPower lithium-polymer cells – the kind more often found powering radio controlled aircraft – the sci-fi speeder shot down Rochester, New York's Empire Dragway in 8.6 seconds at 143.95 mph with Jeff "Dice" Disinger behind the handle bars. The performance makes the Predator the new NEDRA record holder in the DMC/A (drag motorcycle, less than 300 Volts) category and marks an end to an amazing season for both bike and rider. Respect.

It was almost a different, much sadder story. About a month earlier at another track, Disinger made contact with a guardrail at 130 mph. He managed to keep the bike upright, but his right hand received multiple fractures despite titanium-reinforced gloves. Luckily, he recovered quickly enough to attend this event and make a number of runs without (too much) agonizing pain.

Disinger hopes to continue improving the bike's performance next year and perhaps make it the quickest motorcycle in the world. Hit the jump to get a look at his record drive, which includes a nice pre-run smoke show.

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