One of the most indelible marks left by US involvement in the war-torn Middle East is the use of drones. Specifically, we're talking about the notorious Predator and Reaper, two relatively small drones that are armed to the teeth with air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles. While America's use of the drones is well known, one of its closest allies has announced plans to dispatch the armed UAV to combat the ISIS threat.

Great Britain will dispatch two of its ten remote-controlled Reapers (similar to the US Air Force Reaper shown above) as part of its operations against the Islamic State. The Reapers will be used for both reconnaissance and attack missions, once they've been withdrawn from their current support role in Afghanistan.

"The deployment is the first operational use of UK Reaper outside of support to our operations in Afghanistan, where we are beginning to withdraw the aircraft. As Reaper numbers in Afghanistan reduce, we intend to move more of them to the Middle East," Defense Secretary Michael Fallon told members of Parliament, according to Defense News.

The Reapers will complement the UK's air power flying against ISIS out of RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus. Currently, the Brits are flying eight Tornado fighter-bombers as well as a RC-135 Rivet Joint signals intelligence jet against ISIS.

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