Update to the Predator-Defiant EV3 story

If you've been wondering about the connection between the Predator EV3 and the Deviant EV3, two electric cars that look very similar and seem to be under development by the same company, we have your answer. John M, from Quest Enterprises, who originally let us know about the Predator, has sent us an email that clarifies just how the two vehicles (and the two companies, Shockwave Motors and Drive Electric, that are behind them) all fit together. John's full email is pasted after the jump (with his permission), but the short version if you've got to go out and quick-charge your EV is that John is indeed responsible for both the Defiant, which he designed as a home build project, and the Predator, which is that DIY vehicle taken to the next level. Thanks to a million dollars' worth of research and validation studies at the Quebec Advanced Transportation Institute and some universities, the Predator is the potentially commercial evolution of the Defiant. Read more after the jump.

Email from John:

Yes, there is a connection. Several years ago I created the Defiant EV3© Roadster as a home build project and then established the Drive Electric web site to market the plans. Comments were positive and sales of the plans were brisk. About three years ago, I was approached with the suggestion to evolve the Defiant into a fully commercialized electric vehicle.

Extensive engineering research and validation studies (valued at over one million dollars) have been conducted by the Quebec Advanced Transportation Institute and several universities. This research resulted in over 1,000 pages of documentation, including component analysis, design for manufacturing, and failure analysis. The Predator EV3© Roadster from Shockwave Motors is a direct result of this research and development.

The plans for the Defiant EV3© are even available from both web sites. In fact, on the Shockwave Motors site, under the Manuals Section, we have the following statement, "Shockwave Motors's Predator EV3 Roadster© actually began it's life as a home built project. This project was called the Defiant©. The manual and accompanying DVD describe in detail how to build the "rail" style dune buggy or three wheeled electric vehicle."

Shockwave Motors is moving forward. In addition to the Predator, we are developing a design reminiscent of an old Triumph or MG. Necessary components have been identified and relationships with suppliers created. Prototypes are being created and tested. At the present time, we are approaching sources of funding in an effort to establish manufacturing facilities.

[Source: John at Quest Enterprises]

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