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Vilner has taken the time to give the BMW F800R a once over to create the Predator. Built for a wealthy Russian businessman, the machine received a complete aesthetic redesign with plenty of components hewn from carbon fiber.

What isn't stitched from composite is coated in chrome, and the company's engineers set about shortening the bike by almost 10 inches. Vilner also ditched the dual saddle for a single seat variant and remade the headlight array. Red LEDs have replaced the standard bulbs, and a set of repurposed BMW Z4 turning indicators are now part of the action.

The Predator remains largely unchanged mechanically, though Vilner threw in a new, hand-built exhaust system. That means this machine still yields around 87 horsepower from its 800cc engine. Scroll down to check out the quick press release as well as a video of the bike.

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Vilner Custom Bike Predator

Predator. It must be strong to chase and kill, to dominate and survive. It must be aggressive and wicked, to have athletic build, paralyzing gaze, clear purpose and excellent achievements. In the cruel competition of life, it must overpower firmly and pitilessly.

It was created by the BG studio that won worldwide recognition as a titular in vehicle interior design. Vilner took up the challenge of an eccentric Russian businessman, who lives and works in Bulgaria. He is a motorbike fan and possesses one of the biggest and most interesting collections of bikes in Bulgaria.

The VIP client didn't like some details in the mass-produced bike. He wanted a radical change in the headlights, which in his view looked like a "WWII mask"; he wanted a distinguished, more aggressive sound and a new, individual image for his F 800 R.

The base model, BMW F 800 R, is equipped with a 798-cubic four-cycle engine, 87 hp and a six-level gear-box. The motorcycle can reach a maximum speed of 200 km/h and its weight is 177 kg. The frame is aluminum, the headlights are asymmetric, the breaks – Brembo with 320 mm disks.

The metamorphosis. Vilner Custom Bike Predator
It took 6 months for three Vilner specialists to develop the design, create the model, work out the details, finish and test their handmade work for the creation of Predator. 17 new details were made – 9 of carbon and 8 chromium-plated.

The bike length is 25 cm shorter. It was made single-seated instead of two-seated – with a wider and fully changed seat. The headlight was remade – bi-xenon with red LED lights. The front blinkers were taken from a BMW Z4 and built in the carbon. PREDATOR's rear is with joined blinkers, rear-lights and stop lamp. The rear tyre is wider. The other grey elements of the mass-produced type are colored in black.

Due to the lightness of carbon details, although upgraded, the bike increased its weight with only 6.5 kg. The exhaust pipe is handmade by BG partner company. The predator now has a furious roar – low and rotund, withering!

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