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House Speaker Paul Ryan: ‘My car was eaten by animals’

How much truck could a woodchuck chuck? An entire Chevy Suburban

How much truck could a woodchuck chuck? An entire Chevy Suburban.

Tesla: Workplace safety, unions and the color yellow

Someone’s been too busy playing with flamethrowers

Tesla's troubles with media reports on working conditions and union organizing took a hard right turn on Monday. In response to Reveal's Engadget

EPA formally rejects fuel efficiency standards for automobiles

Remember: EPA stands for Environmental Protection Agency

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Monday rejected an Obama-era plan to make automobiles more fuel efficient in a win for car and oil companies and the latest move by the Trump administration to roll back environmental regulations.

Trump falsely says GM moving Korea production 'back to Detroit'

The president again takes credit for unrelated automotive manufacturing moves.

It's the latest example of the president wading awkwardly into the global automotive industry.

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Dirtier than VW dieselgate: EPA expands loophole for rebuilt trucks

'Gliders' pollution far exceeds all emissions from Volkswagen scandal

Emissions from 'gliders' dwarf those from Volkswagen's dieselgate scandal.

Volvo latest of 11 advertisers to pull ads from Sean Hannity's show

Volvo tweets that it will cease advertising on Sean Hannity's show, then deletes the tweet.

U.S. senator asks FBI to probe Trump adviser Carl Icahn over biofuels push

The billionaire called for policies that would have benefited his investments.

Senator Tammy Duckworth cites a potential conflict of interest.

Elon Musk says he put immigration ban on Trump council agenda

Still, some Model 3 customers are canceling their orders.

Musk maintains that his efforts are "doing good" and that it would be "wrong" to leave Trump's economic advisory council.

Russia successfully tested a missile that could cripple US satellites

Experts say this should be a wake-up call to protect America's space infrastructure.

Russia claims its new anti-satellite weapon is only for defensive purposes against incoming enemy weapons.

Democrats see themselves as Teslas, Republicans as Corvettes

Respondents said Trump should drive an Escalade, Clinton a Mercedes GL-Class.

While the poll respondents leaned Republican, a third of those surveyed chose neither candidate as their preferred presidential choice.

California approves unmanned self-driving car trials

Another milestone on the autonomous road.

Alphabet proposes scrapping buses in favor of Ubers (Update)

Google's parent company Alphabet proposes that Columbus, Ohio, drop public transit in favor of ride sharing transport like Uber at discounted prices.

A 45-year-old New York law is holding up autonomous vehicles

Thanks to a 1971 law, New York is the only state in the country that requires drivers to keep at least one hand on the steering wheel while driving.

​The UAW likely to back Clinton, not Trump, for President

Moving factory jobs to low-wage states is a deal-breaker for the union.

It's not an endorsement of Clinton, but it is a vote of no confidence for Trump.

Tow-truck driver abandons disabled Bernie Sanders supporter

A tow-truck driver from South Carolina refused service to a disabled woman after a car crash after seeing Bernie Sanders stickers on her car.

When a conservative and a liberal talk about Tesla

We sit down for a Q&A with Tesla Model X owner Randy Hansen.

This might be the longest Q&A we've ever had on AutoblogGreen, but when you cover solar energy, Tesla's future, and the EV experience, it takes a while.

The car you drive predicts your favorite presidential candidate

Asking 10,000 people what car they drive and who they like for president yields some interesting results. Did you know Toyota Prius owners like Ted Cruz?

Tesla fights Gov. Rick Snyder with help from conservatives

Elon Musk Has Given $250k To Republican Groups In Past 12 Years

Tesla Motors aligns with conservative political groups in Michigan to try to sway state to allow for direct-to-consumer sales.

Tesla wants level playing field with Chinese automakers

China Automakers Don't Face Same Challenges US Companies Do, Alleges Tesla

The electric-vehicle maker wants a more equal import and partnership policy between the US and China.

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