Fair warning to anyone who doesn't like politics mixed in with their car news: stop reading now. For everyone else, buckle in, because a new survey says you can make some predictions about what presidential candidate a person supports is based solely on what car they drive. Turns out, for example, that Dodge drivers love them some Donald Trump. And, for some reason, Prius drivers get behind Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz.

BestRide and CarTalk issued the survey, which asked over 10,000 people two simple questions: what brand of car did they drive and which presidential candidate did they support. Since the survey was an online opt-in affair on the CarTalk website, it doesn't qualify as anything close to a scientifically accurate. In other words, have fun with this, folks (all the GIFs here should reinforce that message).

The guy who processed these poll results, Dan Fortunato, even clarifies that when he says, "something like "electric car owners are more likely to support Hillary Clinton relative to the background population. This does not mean that electric car owners support Hillary more than Bernie. This means that the percentage of votes for Hillary among electric car owners is greater than the percentage of votes for Hillary among the entire poll population, and that this difference is statistically significant." Got it? Good. And now, on to the results. Or should we say, "results"? Highlights from the PDF:

  • Bernie Sanders supporters are statistically more likely to drive Honda, Subaru, or Volvo, while Hillary Clinton supporters are statistically more likely drive Toyota, Lexus, and Acura.
  • Supporters of Republican candidates (specifically Trump, Cruz, and Rubio) are more likely to drive truck brands like Ford, Chevrolet, or Dodge, and less likely to drive Toyotas.
  • Prius owners support Hillary Clinton 40% more than the general population, and support Ted Cruz 126% more than the general population. Similarly, Dodge owners favor Trump 50% more than the general population.
  • Toyota Camry drivers are more statistically likely to support a Democrat, and Honda Accord and Ford Fusion drivers are more likely to support a Republican.
  • Ben Carson supporters also tended to drive more fuel-efficient cars, in line with Hillary and Bernie, but this could be slightly skewed by the smaller population of votes for him and the fact that he had multiple Tesla owners (whose MPG was set at 100).
  • Sanders, Cruz, and Clinton supporters drive the cheapest cars on average, and Fiorina, Kasich, and Stein supporters drive the most expensive cars on average.
  • Electric car owners are more statistically likely to support a Democrat. They are more likely to support Hillary Clinton than the general population is, and less likely to support Ted Cruz.
Get the full details for yourself here.

The absolute most baffling result (to me) is that, of the two percent of those 10,000 respondents (so, 200 people), one of the top three "most statistically likely models" was the Think City. For those who don't know, that's the quirky, plastic, two-seat EV that filed for bankruptcy in 2011.

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